Avocado toast and other healthy foods are featured in many wellness influencers' posts.

Top 10 Must-Follow Health & Wellness Influencers on Instagram

Love working out and eating well -- and looking for more daily inspiration? We’ve got a list of great, gorgeous Instagram accounts devoted to health and wellness to follow.

Over the past few years, tens of thousands of Instagram users have achieved influencer status. These influencers offer curated glimpses into their daily lives, and have quite diverse interests. Some influencers showcase video games, others makeup. Some are total fashion addicts, and others zoom in on home design.

An “influencer” refers to someone with the expertise, authority, and notoriety to influence others. Many times, these influencers will partner with relevant brands to share products and opportunities with their followers. Not all influencers are always trying to sell. In fact, our favorite health and wellness accounts are -- more than anything else -- committed to inspiring others to feel healthy, strong, and motivated.

At EZC Pak, our primary goal is to educate consumers about inappropriate antibiotic usage. But our secondary goal  is to promote a healthy, active, and fun lifestyle that lends itself to improved health. We love logging on to Instagram to get inspired, find new meal prep ideas, and discover new workouts.

Read on to learn more about the top ten health and wellness accounts you’ll find on Instagram.

1. @draunna

💚🍋Let's talk about vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is essential for many processes in our bodies, including connective tissue formation, wound healing, the activation of folic acid, the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids & of tryptophan to serotonin. It is a potent antioxidant & has even been found to help people who have allergies, asthma & autoimmune diseases. Back in the day, people would get scurvy if they had a vitamin C deficiency. Luckily, we don't have an issue with scurvy in the USA, although we face a different problem with processed foods, which cause a host of other diseases. --- The highest content of vitamin C in the body can be found in the adrenal glands. I would be interested in seeing if stress compromises the immune function through dysregulation of vitamin C since the adrenals also release cortisol, but that's just the nerdy scientist in me pondering 🤔😜... Studies have shown that vitamin C shortens the duration & severity of the common cold (WHICH ANTIBIOTICS ARE NOT EFFECTIVE AGAINST.) As I had mentioned in a recent post, I have seen an increased incidence in colds and the flu recently, which usually start picking up in late September. I always recommend stress management, adequate sleep, a whole balanced diet, exercise, meditation, and washing hands frequently to help prevent & treat a cold, and love to recommend vitamin C, zinc & echinacea, like in the @EZCPak. --- The photo above is of citrus foods hich are rich in vitamin C, but did you know that kale, peppers, strawberries & broccoli are just some of the foods that contain more vitamin C than citrus foods? Don't you just love how food is medicine? 🍋💚

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This integrative family medicine physician in Los Angeles is a wonderful health educator who inspires others to live positive, healthy lives. Follow her page to learn about everything from skin health to various Ayurvedic & natural herbal remedies. We also admire her for wonderful philanthropic nature and community involvement.

2. @drfina.madrid


This SoCal adventurer loves yoga and brightening people’s smiles. She’s a family and cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles & San Diego who’s all about healthy eating, striking a yoga pose, and enjoying the great outdoors. Follow her for shots of gorgeous sunsets, healthy smoothies, and awesome travel experiences.

3. @gypsea_yogini

Who's ready for Fall?! If you're like me, I always get sick at the change of seasons or while traveling (planes and airports are riddled with germys! Yuck!) Airborne doesn't cut it and EmergenC not so much. I found a solution, @ezcpak!! A natural Z Pack to support your immune system?! Yes please! I try to stay within holistic methods as much as possible. Our bodies are magical and meant to fight off infection naturally. Problem is a lot of health care practitioners are quick to give you a man made medication or antibiotic that can actually have a negative effect on your system. I have really bad allergies and EZC Pak has aided from allergy attacks too. Love this stuff!! You can get it at EZCPak.com Use discount code: YOGIDENISE for 20% OFF ✨🤒💊🌿🤗 #ezcpak #yoga #travel #wellness #health #bewell #bewellnaturally #getsmartaboutantibiotics #allergies #flu #cold #surf #igers #instagram #bestlifeproject #ambassador #surfergirl #world #nature #Love #selflove #yogaeverydamnday #igyogafam @layogamagazine #selfloveexperiment

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Denise Michelle is a Santa Monica-based yoga-loving bodyworker and spiritual coach. Visit her instagram for a glimpse into her beachside holistic lifestyle. You’ll see lots of surfing, awe-inspiring yoga poses, and loads of motivational quotes.

4. @brittneycarbone

Motivation Monday 💪🏼 Years ago, when I was 65lbs heavier and had just started on my health journey, I said “one day I’ll move to LA and be a fitness model.” It was a pipe dream that didn’t seem possible in that moment, but I KNEW in my gut I could make come true if I put my mind to it. Flash forward to last week shooting on the beach in LA for a fitness brand with @5thavenueproductions and @datsyukiandeke! 💪🏼 Moral of the story, you might not know how or when your dreams will become a reality, but if you consistently show up one day at a time, the universe can’t help but hand you your goals on a silver freaking platter. 🙌🏼 #TeamBCFit . . . . . . . #fitnessmodel #fitness #model #fitfam #boostio #gratitude #beach #LA #losangeles #santamonica #cantstopwontstop #nevergiveup #crossfit #wod #workout #kettlebell #bodybuilding #motivation #inspiration #success #coach #life #love #energy #healing

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This Athleta ambassador and fitness coach is all about balance, commitment, and West Coast living. She believes in pushing yourself -- but ditching the scale. Follow her for hardcore weightlifting, meal prep ideas, and loads of body positivity.

5. @realfoodology

I’ve been on a breakfast smoothie kick lately, I’ll leave my go to recipe below! ⭐️ I’m super stoked on this company @ezcpak Not only for this immune boosting supplement they make but the cause they’re speaking up about. (#notsponsored) Antibiotic resistance is a real thing and it’s happening thanks to our overuse of antibiotics. Roughly 80% of the antibiotics being used in this country are being fed to our livestock, so if you’re not eating organic , chances are you’re also getting a nice dose of antibiotics everytime you eat your conventional meat & dairy. Bacteria is getting smart and evolving and we are starting to see strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which is terrifying when you’re facing a real issue that needs to be remedied by antibiotics! I am not speaking against antibiotics, I recognize that when we need them we really need them. But we are over abusing them and not saving them for just the life threatening situations. Drs are also over prescribing them which is a huge concern as well. When you go to the Dr for a cold and come home with antibiotics this is a total and complete waste unless if the cold is bacteria based (which most of the time it’s not, it’s a virus). Antibiotics fight bacteria, not viruses. Not to mention every time you take antibiotics they completely WIPE OUT your whole healthy microbiome. Research now shows just how important that bacteria in our guts is. It controls everything from your hormones, to your metabolism, your mood, your skin, you name it! Personally, because of this, I only save antibiotics for very serious, no way around it type situations. There is a time and place for antibiotics, but if we don’t start getting smarter and picking and choosing when to use them we may soon lose the ability to use them at all thanks to antibiotic resistant bacteria. Which brings me back to @ezcpak! I’ve been using these whenever I feel a cold coming on and they seriously knock that crap out! It’s a mega dose of Echinacea, Vit C, & Zinc which are all known to activate the immune system so your body can fight off the infection. Again, #notsponsored, just important ❤️ Make my smoothie:

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This Instagram influencer has her MS in Nutrition. Follow her for shots of healthy, balanced meals that real people can make and enjoy. Her meal prep inspiration will give you plenty of ideas to get you through the workweek. You’ll also get a glimpse into her fabulous, food-driven travels and adventures.

Unlike many health and wellness influencers, this nutritionist is not a vegetarian. If you’re looking for ideas on how to balance treats like bacon in your diet, give her a follow.

6. @rachaelgoodeats

My go-to meal (plus or minus a few ingredients) that I have just about every single day 😍🍴When you ENJOY THE FOOD you’re eating, being healthy definitely doesn’t feel like a job, trust me. Once you begin to incorporate more colorful whole foods into your diet, over time your tastebuds will change and your body will eventually start to crave these nourishing foods I’m kind of a creature of habit, so for lunch or dinner I’ll try to pack all the colorful foods into one big salad. Mixed greens as the base, diced red bell pepper, Persian cucumbers, sautéed (or roasted) sweet potato & asparagus cooked in avocado oil, sprouts, avocado, either soft boiled eggs, wild salmon (I’ve been buying from @traderjoes), organic ground turkey, or organic chicken, pink salt/pepper/red chili flakes, and olive oil (my favorite is @kouzinifoods esp their herb-infused olive oil!) & lemon juice for dressing. Modify your meals to suit your preference and make sure to switch it up with ingredients to keep ya interested 😉 Hope this helps! #rachaelsgoodeats

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This young registered dietician shows off her meals, her workouts, and her travels around the globe. She’s got over 338k followers -- and a restaurant in the works! Toast Society Cafe, the first gourmet toast and coffee bar in Las Vegas, is slated to open this spring.

The cafe is going to serve avocado toast-inspired eats and organic coffee. If you can’t visit the cafe in Vegas, try to recreate some of her healthy, simple recipes at home.

7. @cappochiro

I guess it’s that time of season, the symptoms are going around I’m hearing sniffles and I’m feeling a bit of it too 😱 so my first response is to get the supplements & oils☝🏽 Immediately started my @ezcpak from Horton & Converse Pharmacy and rolling my immunity blend well, everywhere 😂 -okay on my lymph nodes & bottom of my feet. Last night I dropped a few drops of respiratory blend in the shower to let the steam pick it up and open my sinuses, then diffused it with lavender as I went to sleep. I felt much better this morning but now to make sure I don’t let it creep up during the day! Thankfully the EZC pak is made to be taken throughout the day and taper off of. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for natural immune support 🙏🏽🙏🏽 If your aren’t near a Horton & Converse Pharmacy you can check my bio link for info on EZC Pak & my Immunity essential oil roller . . #naturalhealth #immunesupport #ezcpak #essentialoils #naturalhealth #holistic #healthandwellness #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #holistichealth #wellness #losangeles #cappochiro

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This Los Angeles-based chiropractor runs her own private practice, helping athletes and others recover from injuries and feel their best sooner. Follow her for a glimpse at patient recoveries, half-marathons, and fun runs and races.

If you’re a runner, give her a follow. You’ll pick up some tips on training smartly for long runs.

8. @thechelseavincent


This Los Angeles actress and fitness instructor loves travel, yoga, and healthy food. Check out her photos to discover awesome global adventures, great workout tips and a load of motivational quotes. She also hosts popular wellness retreats that leave her clients feeling full of gratitude.

9. @kpnf8th06


Kailani is a bodybuilder who tore her ACL preparing for a competition. Follow her for a real look into recovery as she trains to get back on the stage. She’ll flood your feed with great motivational quotes, workout ideas, and lots of inspiration.

If you’re recovering from an injury, Kailani can inspire you to find ways to stay fit even when the odds are stacked against you.

10. @srunsforcake


Sanaz is a lawyer, mom, and marathon runner. She believes in eating real, balanced meals to support and sustain her lifestyle. Her eats are simple but gorgeous, and will help followers better understand how to create balance when planning breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For great fitness and nutrition ideas, follow any of these influencers.

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