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The 4 Pillars of a healthy immune system

How to Build a Strong Immune System

Strengthen your immune system over the long-term with this comprehensive guide. Learn how sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress management are all key to your immune health. Plus tips to establish good habits in your daily wellness routine.
Avocado toast and other healthy foods are featured in many wellness influencers' posts.

Top 10 Must-Follow Health & Wellness Influencers on Inst...

Love working out and eating well -- and looking for more daily inspiration? We’ve got a list of great, gorgeous Instagram accounts devoted to health and wellness to follow
Overexertion and Overtraining May Be Linked to Compromised Immunity

Overexertion and Overtraining May Be Linked to Compromised I...

Overexertion may lessen immunity, but regular exercise may help prevent infection. 
If you don't have a fever, are you not contagious?

Four Busted Cold and Flu Myths

Learn about four debunked cold and flu myths in this article, which covers everything from flu vaccines to ice cream.
Your sick colleagues and family pose a risk to your health.

How to Avoid the Flu When Everyone Around You Is Sick

If you’re lucky enough to have been spared by this deadly flu virus, you’re probably wondering how you can continue to stay well as others around you seem to keep getting sick.
Why isn't the flu shot working?

Why Isn’t the Flu Shot Working This Year?

This flu season, hospitalizations and deaths are up. Why isn't the flu shot working?