EZC Pak Clinical Trial Results

The initial EZC Pak clinical trial in the management of URIs was NIH-registered and published in open access journal Infection & Drug Resistance in the Spring of 2023.  It was a 9-month trial run nationally across the US involving 360 patients and 3 arms: placebo, EZC Pak, and EZC Pak+Vitamin D. 

Key Highlights from the Double Blind RCT:

  • 1.39 day faster recovery in EZC Pak group vs. placebo (p=0.017), representing a 28-53% reduction in illness duration
  • 17.43% average reduction in symptom severity in EZC Pak group vs. placebo (p=0.029)
  • 2.9X higher patient satisfaction (p=0.012)
  • Added Vitamin D (EZC Pak+D) neither benefited nor harmed illness duration or symptom severity in the acute phase of illness vs. base EZC Pak
  • 6.5% of EZC Pak users reported GI upset, in line with known 5-10% incidence of GI upset with high dose zinc

This is the second supportive study evaluating EZC Pak's efficacy, after the initial observational study.

Click here for the full text, available for download at PubMed

(ClinicalTrials.gov #: NCT04943575)