Feeling Stressed? How To Avoid 4 Catastrophic Effects Of Cortisol

Are you used to giving your best no matter what?


Living on your leading edge of life often means dealing with stressful decisions in the midst of uncertainty which in turn tops your release levels of cortisol, a powerful steroid hormone.


Perhaps you´ve consciously noted the effects of cortisol on your mood and wellbeing. 


One day you arrive at your workplace, you have your set schedule for the day according to your quarterly goals. And suddenly, 25 unexpected issues demand your undivided attention. What was a sailing workflow turns into a mental storm of catastrophic possibilities that need to be prevented at all cost. You get an adrenaline rush and head on to immediate action, you work and work it good. By the end of the day everything seems finally in place except for your inner balance because the released cortisol levels are at their peak.



In stressful panoramas you may notice these catastrophic effects:


1 Low libido


You arrive home right into the arms of your significant other just to fall asleep. And if you're single you feel no further motivation to go out and meet new people as the need for rest is stronger. All hormones communicate and cortisol stress related alterations can affect other sexual hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and oxytocin.


2 Insomnia


It's midnight and you are just rolling from side to side on your bed as a roasted chicken because you are so tired that your body is holding so tightly that it just doesn't have the minimum energy to assimilate letting go to restore itself and rest because of stressed biased cortisol secretion from the normal circadian release.


3 Weight gain


You're drinking your green juice, cutting out processed carbs, eating lean protein and working out but the weight scale keeps on adding numbers. Cortisol retains water and as much as you try to drop those extra pounds the mirror confirms you’re feeling bloated.


4 Flu


You start to feel chills, sore throat, body aches and fatigue. The unmistakable message is that flu is coming and that you may need to drop into a solo weekend in your bed, recovering.


Stress has taken the highest toll on work related illnesses because of today's hectic schedules.


Cortisol is an immune system suppressor, that taken to an extreme can compromise your health reserves. And you might even think that you will have to renounce your dream life and ambitions, but fortunately, this is not case.


The good news is that you can take action before suffering these stress caused disruptions.




If you act, strengthening the foundations of your immunological health directly during challenging times you'll be perfectly suited for facing the demands of a high performance lifestyle.



The immune system relies on high quality nutrition that is greatly supported by our 5-day tapered immune support - EZC Pak. The suggested use is one E capsule, made of certified organic Echinacea, and one ZC capsule, consisting of zinc and vitamin C. The capsules themselves are vegetarian.


Don´t be scared when high cortisol situations present!



Just make the strategical reinforcement to your immunological nutrition with EZC Pak, our award-winning physician formulated immune support pack!


Get EZC Pak today to protect your health during challenging and highly rewarding times!


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