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EZC Pak On the Go

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The immune support solution that puts you in control of your immune health.

EFFECTIVE immune support backed by a double-blind randomized controlled clinical trial.

CONVENIENT 5-day tapered dose pack with everyting you need for optimal immune support.

NO PRESCRIPTION NEEDED: all natural, physician formulated immune support that is available over-the-counter

THE RIGHT WAY: EZC Pak was created to help reduce antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics don't treat virsues. Immune Systems Do!

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Product description

EZC Pak On the Go is an award-winning immune support pack designed to support healthy immune system function on the go. This convenience / travel size pack is an excellent choice during travel, times of stress, or lack of sleep when immune system function is often at its weakest.

Suggested use is twice a day for maintenance immune support and up to four times a day for maximal immune support. EZC Pak On the Go can be used to bridge to the EZC 5-Day Tapered Immune Support Pak when extended immune support becomes necessary.

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EZC Pak On the Go

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Why EZC Pak?

EZCPak 5-Day Tapered Immune Support

  • 5-Day Tapered System
  • No added sugar
  • High strength zinc
  • High dose certified organic Echinacea purpurea
  • Backed by clinical data

Other Brands

  • Ambiguous directions for use
  • Contain sugar
  • Diluted or trace amounts of random minerals
  • Low dose & low quality echinacea
  • Lack clinical efficacy data


When it comes to immune support, balance is key.

Take too much?

It can lead to toxicities and other side effects.

Take too often?

Your tolerance can build, making benefits less effective over time.

Don't take enough?

You won’t get the immune boosting benefits.

With the EZC Pak 5-Day Tapered System you get the right balance of the right ingredients for safe & effective immune support.