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EZC Pak On the Go

EZC Pak On the Go is an award-winning immune support pack designed to support healthy immune system function on the go. This convenience / travel size pack is an excellent choice during travel, times of stress, or lack of sleep when immune system function is often at its weakest.

Suggested use is twice a day for maintenance immune support and up to four times a day for maximal immune support. The EZC Pak On the Go can be used to bridge to the EZC 5-Day Tapered Immune Support Pak when extended immune support becomes necessary.

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laurie p.
United States

Works amazing

Tried it for the first time being a flight attendant and absolutely love it. Within 2 days I felt so much better.


Excellent product

Being in healthcare for over 35 years, beginning as a nurse, I discovered the effectiveness of Zinc over 20 yrs ago. I love EZC Pak because of the concept of front loading with tapering - the same as we have done for decades w/ steroids, antibiotics. Antibiotic abuse-overprescribing is out of control. I take EZC Pak as soon as I feel something coming on and generally am fine within 36 hrs. Great for travel or exposure to other sick people. Great mission and vision of the CEO. I highly recommend to friends, associates and family.


Thank You!

Last Christmas 2018, my husband caught a cold, which he passed onto me by New Year's Eve. I suffer from asthma, making any respiratory infection much more serious, and I missed 3 weeks of work. I saw your product recently on Shark Tank, and when my husband started with a cold this Christmas Eve, I ran to my local CVS to purchase an EZC Pak. I'm thrilled with the results, as it's been one week and I'm showing no signs of catching his cold. Thank you so very much for this product!

Martha E.


I’ve used EZC since 2013 and it has been a lifesaver for me multiple times. I have always used it to stop cold symptoms from getting worse or as prophylaxis when I‘M traveling so that I don’t get sick. It works wonders! I share it with co-workers and friends all the time and one of my friends call it a miracle pill.. ☺️☺️


My Favorite New Product During Cold & Flu Season

I keep this product in my purse, on my office desk, and in my car. Love the slick package and high quality certified organic Echinacea. I really don't go anywhere without it anymore. If anyone around me is sick - I pop a dose. If I'm going out for drinks, same deal. Two if I'm going out late. Alcohol weakens the immune system and I have found the Active Pak to be highly effective in keeping my immune system going strong.