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EZC Pak On the Go

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The same physician strength ingredients as our 5-day packs, without the 5-day tapered regimen. A great pack to keep with you while traveling for as-needed support.

*For maximum support see our 5-Day Immune Support Packs

 PHYSICIAN STRENGTH: EZC Pak is clinically formulated using the best available data in its active ingredients: organic Echinacea, Zinc & Vitamin C

COMBAT ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE: EZC Pak was created to reduce antibiotic overuse. We partner with healthcare providers nationwide as an evidence-based solution to support your natural immune defenses.

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Product description

EZC Pak On the Go is an award-winning immune support pack designed to support healthy immune system function on the go. This convenience / travel size pack is an excellent choice during travel, times of stress, or lack of sleep when immune system function is often at its weakest.

Suggested use is twice a day for maintenance immune support and up to four times a day for maximal immune support. The EZC Pak On the Go can be used to bridge to the EZC 5-Day Tapered Immune Support Pak when extended immune support becomes necessary.

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EZC Pak On the Go