EZC Pak Wins National Cold & Cough Buyer’s Choice Award

EZC Pak Wins National Cold & Cough Buyer’s Choice Award

The EZC Pak created by California physician Sarath Malepati, MD, as a tangible solution to inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions takes the top prize at the 2017 ECRM National Cold and Cough Retail Buyer’s Conference sponsored by Drug Store News (DSN).

DESTIN, FL, February 13, 2017 – E-Z-C Pak, the first physician formulated tapered immune support pack targeting inappropriate antibiotic use in colds and flu was awarded the prestigious 2017 Buyer’s Choice Award at the ECRM National Cold and Cough Retail Buyer’s Conference. The award is sponsored annually by media outlet Drug Store News and voted on by retail buyers and category managers of the largest retail pharmacy, food and drug chains, and independent pharmacy distributors in the United States.

Formulated utilizing the best available clinical data, EZC Pak is an over the counter immune support supplement composed of certified organic Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C created by California physician Sarath Malepati, MD, out of concern for growing antibiotic resistance and medical complications resultant from inappropriate antibiotic prescribing patterns. “Per a 2014 WebMD survey, 95% of US prescribers admit to writing antibiotics when unclear of their necessity. The number one cited reason is patient expectation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over half of antibiotic prescriptions written are unnecessary. This problematic interaction is fueling antibiotic resistance and our growing superbug crisis in the healthcare system,” Dr. Malepati commented. EZC Pak is designed to help reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions while educating patients and maintaining patient satisfaction.

“Incorporating EZC Pak into clinical practice, we have cut antibiotic prescriptions in patients who do not meet criteria for an antibiotic at initial presentation to less than 5% with a greater than 90% patient satisfaction score,” Malepati said. EZC Pak is a National Partner of the CDC Get Smart About Antibiotics Initiative.

“We are deeply honored that EZC Pak has been recognized by the nation’s top pharmacy retailers and distributors with this award. The recognition speaks to the growing awareness and participation of the retail sector in collaborating with health care professionals to spread awareness and stem the tide of inappropriate antibiotic use across our communities. We will continue to work in close collaboration with the retail sector, health care industry, and government agencies to solve this complex problem together,” Dr. Malepati said.

About Drug Store News:

Drug Store News is a leading industry media outlet in drug store and pharmacy news covering business, retailers, supplier information, and financial data. For more information, please visit http://www.drugstorenews.com.

About Sarath Malepati, MD:

Dr. Malepati is a former faculty member of Georgetown University School of Medicine and health care policy fellow at the National Institute for Health Care Management, where his research focused on how flaws in the design and delivery of health care contribute to patient disease and public health problems. Dr. Malepati is the current Medical
Director of the PPC Group, a California-based health products team focused on improving patient care and public health. The PPC Group works to develop simple solutions for common health care problems that support closing the knowledge gap between clinicians and patients.

About EZC Pak:

EZC Pak is the first physician formulated Immune Support Pack composed of certified organic Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C designed to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use. EZC Pak is available online at ezcpak.com and a growing number of medical offices, academic centers, pharmacies, and related retail outlets. For more information, please visit http://ezcpak.com.

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