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EZC Pak Promotes an Eco-conscious World

We are proud to be sponsors of the UCLA Coastalong Festival (formerly known as Ecochella) tomorrow, Saturday, April 29th from 3:30-9pm at the Sunset Rec Center.

Coastalong's Sustainability Fair aims to encourage and educate UCLA’s community on the possibilities of a more eco-concious world.

EZC Pak is doing our part to help people understand that we do have a responsibility to ensuring that the world does not abuse antibiotics because it is causing superbugs to become a rising global threat. Without spreading awareness of this huge issue to ignite change in antibiotic use practices, it is expected that superbugs will cause more global deaths than cancer by 2050.

Coastalong's festival will welcome a medley of organizations, student-run clubs, non-profits, to be a part of creating a lively, innovative venue filled with curious students and faculty. They love people with an enthusiasm for engaging others in caring for the world we live in, and who are not only excited about sustainability, but pioneers in making a difference and sharing what makes them passionate about environmental issues. Coastalong's goal is to extend eco-consciousness beyond one day at Coastalong and prove that communities have a responsibility towards the environment. We hope to show students that there are so many fun, creative ways to reduce one's environmental footprint.

We look forward to seeing you at Coastalong!

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