EZC Pak Partners with North Carolina Mutual Drug to Expand in Southeast Independent Pharmacies

EZC Pak Partners with North Carolina Mutual Drug

Los Angeles, CA, July 24, 2017 - EZC Pak, the first physician formulated tapered immune support pack targeting inappropriate antibiotic use in colds and flu has agreed to terms with North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug (NC Mutual Drug), the 6th largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the United States, to expand EZC Pak placement in pharmacies in the Southeast. EZC Pak will debut at the 50th Annual NC Mutual Drug Partnership Trade Show taking place at the Raleigh Convention Center on July 29th, 2017.

EZC Pak is the recipient of the 2017 Buyer's Choice Award at the ECRM National Cough, Cold & Allergy Conference sponsored by Drug Store News and is currently the fastest growing combination immune support product in the US. With over 500 pharmacy members, the distribution agreement with NC Mutual Drug will allow EZC Pak to scale its expanding East Coast pharmacy distribution across the Carolinas and Virginia.

"Having spent the formative years of my medical education in North Carolina, where I saw my first MRSA case, I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to work with NC Mutual Drug and its pharmacy shareholders in combating the overuse of antibiotics in our communities with EZC Pak this upcoming cold and flu season. We are facing a complex set of problems with drug resistance and driving change through patient education is a critical component to solving this global public health crisis. There are few, if any, better positioned to educate patients on the risks of taking antibiotics inappropriately than independent pharmacists, where improving patient health literacy, community health, and the human touch of customer service still matter," said EZC Pak Creator Sarath Malepati, MD.

About North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company:

N.C. Mutual Wholesale Drug Company was established in Durham, NC in 1952 as a customer-owned service corporation for member stores to purchase merchandise and benefit from the savings of buying as a group. This cooperative model began with 32 customers in a 10,000 square foot warehouse and has grown to a modern 165,000 square foot facility serving over 500 pharmacy customers. NC Mutual Drug is the 6th largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the US, with $1.3B in sales. 2017 marks NC Mutual Drug's 65th Anniversary. For more information, please visit https://www.mutualdrugcompany.com

About Sarath Malepati, MD:

Dr. Malepati is a former National Science Foundation Fellow at The University of North Carolina School of Medicine and graduate of Wake Forest University School of Medicine. While a Health Care Policy Fellow at the National Institute for Health Care Management in Washington, DC, Dr. Malepati's research focused on how flaws in the design and delivery of health care contribute to patient disease and public health problems. Dr. Malepati is the current Medical Director of the PPC Group, a California-based health products team focused on improving patient care and public health. The PPC Group works to develop solutions for common health care problems that support closing the knowledge gap between health professionals and patients.

About EZC Pak:

EZC Pak is an award-winning physician formulated Immune Support Pack composed of certified organic Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C designed to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use. EZC Pak is available at a growing number of pharmacies, medical offices, and academic centers. EZC Pak is a National Partner of the CDC's Get Smart About Antibiotics Initiative. For more information, please visit http://ezcpak.com.

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