EZC Pak Creator Named Top Wellness Leader

EZC Pak Creator Named Top Wellness Leader

Great news! EZC Pak Creator Dr. Sarath Malepati has been named to DataBird Research 500 Wellness Leaders Los Angeles.  Dr. Malepati grew up in a large multi-generational physician family and was raised in an environment that had a strong emphasis on humanitarian pursuits. He went on to study, perform research, and teach at over 15 universities nationally and internationally. At the age of 25, Dr. Malepati was the youngest faculty member at Georgetown University School of Medicine. He is a former fellow of the National Institute for Health Care Management and has worked under grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Malepati initially became exposed to the problem of drug-resistant pathogens within the nation’s hospitals in his management of complex infections requiring surgical intervention. This problem, which has become increasingly lethal, is directly related to inappropriate antibiotic prescribing patterns among clinicians. Dr. Malepati’s concern about this issue, and his desire to give medical providers a tangible solution when patients demand antibiotics led to the development of the EZC Pak.
EZC Pak is an award-winning physician formulated immune support pack composed of Echinacea, Zinc, and Vitamin C targeting the problem of antibiotic overuse in colds and flu. Without changes to antibiotic use, drug-resistant infections are expected to surpass cancer in death by 2050.  

The full list can be found at https://www.databird.io

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