EZC Pak Campaign Highlights US Antibiotic Awareness Week

EZC Pak Campaign Highlights US Antibiotic Awareness Week

In honor of US Antibiotic Awareness Week, we have partnered with doctors, nurses, and medical provider influencers across the country for EZC Pak's Antibiotic Awareness Week Social Media Campaign 2018.  The campaign takes place on Instagram this week and raises awareness of antibiotic resistance, promotes antibiotic stewardship initiatives across the country, and highlights what providers are doing to reduce antibiotic overuse in their practice in their communities.

EZC Pak is a partner of the CDC's Antimicrobial Resistance Challenge.  Clinical data has shown that incorporating EZC Pak into practice results in a marked reduction of antibiotic prescriptions in patient's not meeting criteria at initial visit to under 5% with a greater than 90% patient satisfaction score.

To participate & follow the campaign, please visit EZC Pak on Instagram.

EZC Pak Antibiotic Awareness Week Provider Pad

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