EZC Pak Business Rockstars Interview Expands Across US

EZC Pak Business Rockstars Interview Expands Across US

EZC Pak Creator Sarath Malepati, MD's interview with Emmy Award-winning journalist Pat O'Brien for Business Rockstars expands across US airports, hotels, podcasts, and radio airwaves this week.  Earlier this year, EZC Pak became the first back to back winner of the Buyer's Choice Award at the ECRM national retail cold & flu meetings and is the recent 2018 recipient of the Retail Excellence (REX) Award for innovation in OTC by Drug Store News. Currently available in over 1200 retailers, EZC Pak is the fastest growing immune support product in US retail pharmacy with plans to expand to over 7000 retailers by year's end.

The company's recently released animated music video produced in collaboration with talent from Cartoon Network has over 1 million views on Facebook and growing. "We appreciate Business Rockstars coverage of EZC Pak's growing impact on the eradication of antibiotic overuse in colds and flu.  From hard news, to sports and entertainment, and now business news, Pat O'Brien has had a remarkably versatile career in journalism. This interview is an instant classic, primarily because of the depth of Pat's journalistic skill matched with excellent production by the talented Business Rockstars team," said Malepati.

4/2/18 - 125 U.S. Airports via ClearTV & ReachMeTV

4/2/18 - 750,000 hotels, including Ritz-Carlton

4/3/18 - Business Rockstars Website

4/5/18 - Business Rockstars Podcast

4/5/18 - BizTV

4/6/18 - 150 U.S. Radio Markets, check local listings

Watch the full interview below!


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