Leaders in Antibiotic Stewardship: Dr. Rahul Kumar, Pasadena, CA

Leaders in Antibiotic Stewardship: Dr. Rahul Kumar, Pasadena, CA

We are excited to recognize Dr. Rahul Kumar, PharmD as a Leader in Antibiotic Stewardship.  He has always preferred and recommended immune system support over the unnecessary use of antibiotics.


What is your present view of the way that antibiotics are being used in society?


Antibiotic therapy is certainly overused.  Many doctors will admit that patients come to them expecting an antibiotic when they feel sick.  In turn, doctors feel somewhat pressured into prescribing it.  Patients are so used to getting an antibiotic they will feel like their prescriber did not properly treat their condition if they don't leave the MD office without a prescription for it.  This mentality needs to change.  Healthcare professionals need to explain to their patients that their immune system will handle the infection, whether it be bacterial or viral.  Antibiotics should be reserved for very young, very old, immunocompromised and those with positive test results for severe infections.


What strategies do you have in place to help reduce antibiotic overuse and educate patients on the global threat of antibiotic resistance?


I've always advised any [otherwise] healthy patient presenting to my pharmacy with an upper respiratory infection to use natural supplements to help boost their immune system.  I've always suggested the use of Echinacea, Zinc and Vitamin C and with the advent of the EZC pak, it's much easier to provide our patients with the proper, natural way to temporarily boost their immune function. 


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