EZC Pak Salutes CDC’s “Be Antibiotics Aware” Campaign

EZC Pak Salutes CDC’s “Be Antibiotics Aware” Campaign

From Monday, November 13 until Sunday, November 19, the country’s Center for Disease Control will promote its annual U.S. Antibiotics Awareness Week. The campaign, designed by the CDC’s Office of Antibiotic Stewardship, is in its tenth year.

EZC Pak Continues Its Commitment to Smarter Antibiotic Usage

The Week, previously referred to as Get Smart About Antibiotics Week, asks participating organizations, such as EZC Pak, to help raise awareness about the very real threat of antibiotic resistance. We at EZC Pak have educated on the topic of antibiotic awareness since our inception in 2015. We have shared materials about antibiotic stewardship and have reached over 1,000 healthcare providers to date.

Says Dr. Sarath Malepati, the creator of EZC Pak: “Per a 2014 WebMD Survey, 95% of US prescribers admit to writing antibiotics when unclear of their necessity. This problematic interaction is fueling antibiotic resistance and our growing superbug crisis in the healthcare system.”

Last year, in 2016, EZC Pak sponsored an Antibiotic Stewardship Symposium at UCLA. We invited distinguished researchers & professors from UCLA, USC, Cedars-Sinai, and the Los Angeles Veterans Hospital to speak about antibiotic overuse.

This #AntibioticAwarenessWeek2017:

- EZC Pak is debuting a digital short film, “Be Antibiotix Aware”. The film features Los Angeles-based antibiotic stewards and healthcare providers, including Dr. Aunna Pourang, MD as the Urgent Care physician, Dr. Fina Madrid, DDS as a patient named Ivana Antibiotix, and Chandler May, RN as a patient named Antoine Antibiotix.

- EZC Pak is holding the first #AntibioticResistance IG Chat Loop on Thursday, Nov 16th at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Visit our IG profile: www.instagram.com/ezcpak 

CDC’s Campaign Utilizes Smart Graphics and Social Media to Spread Knowledge

The campaign aims to educate and explain the importance of safe antibiotics prescribing and use. The CDC provides easy-to-understand graphics and charts to help practitioners understand when antibiotics are indicated. The goal: encourage only appropriate antibiotic usage, in which these medications are prescribed only when necessary, at the right time, at the right dose, and for the right duration.

Some of the expert-approved materials for patients include:

CDC Do I Really Need Antibiotics Infographic - EZC Pak


Other materials, such as these listed, are designed specifically for providers:

The following activities and promotions are planned for the week:

  • Thursday, November 16 from 1 to 3pm, EST: Twitter Chat, using #AntibioticResistance
  • Thursday, November 16 at 2pm EST: Webinar

The CDC asks that all who participate use the hashtags #BeAntibioticsAware and #USAAW17 when promoting the campaign. We at EZC Pak will also add our own hashtag, #KnowAntibiotics, to our social media content during the week.

CDC’s 4 Tips for Americans and Their Families

At EZC Pak, our long term mission aligns with the CDC’s. We believe that inappropriate antibiotic usage puts Americans at risk. As such, we are happy to present to you these tips from the CDC that’ll help you be a savvier, healthier patient:

1. Know When Antibiotics Aren’t Needed

Antibiotics do not work on viruses such as colds, flu, or runny noses. Green or yellow mucus does not indicate a need for antibiotics. Using antibiotics when they are unnecessary will not improve your condition in any way -- but it could cause you harm.

2. Discover Other Ways to Feel Better

Talk to your healthcare provider about other ways to feel better when you’re under the weather. They may suggest pain relievers, fever reducers, supplements, nasal sprays, liquids, and rest. Understand that adding antibiotics to this list will not help you feel better faster.

3. When Antibiotics Are Required, Use Appropriately

When you are prescribed antibiotics for a bacterial infection, take each dose exactly as your doctor prescribed. You may want to talk to your doctor about ensuring you are using the minimum effective dose of antibiotics whenever possible. This allows your physician to treat and cure the infection while reducing the risks of antibiotic resistance and the nasty side effects of antibiotics.

4. Proactively Prevent Illness and Infection

One key to avoiding colds, flus, and other infections: stay healthy from the get-go. Employ proper handwashing technique, get enough rest, and stay home from work or school when sick. You can also discuss supplements and vaccines with your physician.

Join The Campaign

Whether you distribute materials, use the official hashtags, or just become a more informed patient, know that you’re making a difference in striking out inappropriate antibiotic use. 

Additional CDC Materials:

Consumer Handout - Why Does Taking Antibiotics Lead To Antibiotic Resistance? 


 EZC Pak Rx Pad - For Healthcare Providers


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