The Immune Support Secret They Dont Want You to Know

Learn why daily immune boosters may be working against you. 

Immune boosters are getting a lot of attention these days. And for good reason.

With everything that's happened over the last few years, we are more health conscious as a society. 

 And immune health is at the forefront.

So much so, I'm willing to bet you've noticed an explosion in the number of immune support products being advertised.

Specifically, daily use products that promote maintaining healthy immune system function.

Every day it seems a new product is released. And the innovation is always the same.

The new one is "better" because they managed to fit another strange sounding ingredient, like "ashwaganda root" into their daily capsule or gummy.

Seriously. Do a quick search for "immune support" on Amazon.

Before the pandemic, we had 3-in-1 combinations with well known ingredients like Echinacea, Zinc, Elderberry, Vitamin C.

Today, I found a 17-IN-1 IMMUNE SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT! With key ingredients including: Eleutho & Plantain?...

Nothing against ashwaganda root, eleutho or plantain. Or any of the other ingredients for that matter.

I'm sure there is some level of data, or reason to believe, each of those 17 ingredients may support the immune system.

But should they all be taken together? Every single day?

How does that affect your tolerance for each ingredient? Not to mention side effects?

Just because you CAN add another ingredient, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

Immune support is not an exact science. There is still a lot to learn.

But, there is one thing we do know. A little known fact that the data is pretty clear on:

Immune Support works best at HIGH DOSES over SHORT PERIODS of time. Typically 5-7 days.

You read that right!

Except for vitamin D, which does have good data supporting its use for daily supplementation, supportive studies show immune support works best at high doses over short periods.

Essentially, the exact opposite of daily immune boosters. Which, offer low doses over long periods (every day).

It's a balance between tolerance & efficacy. Zinc & Echinacea are good examples:

With Echinacea, our bodies seem to develop a tolerance to the immune boosting effects after 14 days of consecutive use. Making a daily echinacea supplement counter productive.

For Zinc, supportive studies show a threshold of about 50mgs or more to see a benefit. But 50 mgs is too much to take on a daily basis. Daily immune boosters typically have very little zinc and nowhere near the threshold.

It's not that daily immune boosters are bad for you. Most are probably harmless.

But what is the benefit?

For daily immune health, you are better off focusing on the things we know support healthy immune system function:

Staying hydrated, eating a well balanced diet, exercise, managing stress & good sleep habits.

Save the immune support for those inevitable times in life when you really need the additional support.  

It will likely work better too! Since, your body has not developed a tolerance to the ingredients. 

Just remember to start with high quality ingredients & take at high doses for no longer than a week.

EZC Pak makes this easy for you. 

EZC Pak 5-Day Tapered Immune Support is clinically formulated based on the data.

It's a high dose/short term immune support pack, designed to be used when really you need it.

The 5-Day Dosing Regimen is easy to follow & ensures you are getting the right amount of each ingredient at the right time.

 Day 1 starts strong as your immune system loading dose. It then tapers down on day 2 and throughout the rest of the 5-day course.  

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