• Get The Most Out Of Your Immune System. EZC Pak+D is clinically formulated to maximize your immune boost over a 5 day period.  It's high dose/short term immune support that works when you need it. 
  • Immune Support Your Family Can Rely On. The 5-day tapered dosing regimen is easy to follow & ensures you are getting the right amount of the right ingredients at the right time. 
  • Where Safety & Efficacy Meet. Immune support is a delicate balance. You need to take enough of each ingredient to stimulate an immune response. But high doses can lead to side effects if taken for prolonged periods of time. EZC Pak is formulated to maximize the immune benefits while reducing the potential for side effects.
  • No Gimmicks or Fake Stuff. EZC Pak contains no added sugar, is gluten free and has vegetarian capsules. 
  • Do the Right Thing. Antibiotic overuse is a global crisis. EZC Pak was created by a physician to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use in viral upper respiratory infections. Help us spread the word: Antibiotics don't treat viruses. Immune Systems Do! 

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