Antibiotics Don't Treat Viruses
Immune Systems Do

EZC Pak 5-Day Tapered Immune Support

Antibiotics, like "z-pak", only work on bacterial infections. Unfortunately, they are often misused & taken for viral infections like cold or flu.

EZC Pak was created by a physician to help reduce unnecessary antibiotic use. As the only 5-Day Tapered Dose Pack for Immune Support, EZC Pak is clinically formulated to boost your natural immune defenses when you need it most.

Immune support works best at high doses over short periods of time (we recommend 5-days).The EZC Pak 5-Day Tapered Dosing Regimen makes it easy for you to get the right amount of immune support at the right time.

Day 1 starts strong as your immune system loading dose. It then tapers down on day 2 and throughout the rest of the 5-day course.

EZC Pak is professional strength immune support. And best of all, it's available without a prescription. 

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