How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Dr. Erica Wigdor

 Today's Spotlight - Dr. Erica Wigdor 

About Dr. Wigdor, @doctordiaries (IG)

Dr. Wigdor is a Primary Care Physician whose focus is on nutrition and preventative medicine. It's clear to see that her professional and personal passion for health and wellness align, as she shares product recommendations, tips for her followers who look to her for her extensive wellness knowledge, and her own personal take on self-care and living a healthy lifestyle.

Why EZC Pak?

Dr. Erica says she recommends EZC Pak because, "it is prepackaged and delivers high quality ingredients at the appropriate doses."

This is very important!

There are so many immune support products out there that contain low quality ingredients at low doses. Much lower than what is recommended by supportive clinical data and unlikely to provide any benefit.

Our goal with EZC Pak was to create a better option. 

If we are going to ask people to do the right thing - to support their natural immune defenses instead of immediately turning to antibiotics - then we need to have a convenient, effective option for immune support. One that's easy-to-follow and based on the best clinical data. 

EZC Pak, with it's 5-day tapered dosing regimen, offers up an easy way for you to take control of your immune health.

Click the link below to purchase your 5-day pack today.


About the EZC Pak Healthcare Provider Spotlight Series

EZC Pak is on a mission to combat antibiotic overuse in viral upper respiratory infections (URIs), like colds and flu. In our Health Care Provider Spotlight series, we've partnered with esteemed health and wellness experts & influencers - including nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dietitians and more - as they share their thoughts, experience, tips and more on managing viral URI and how to support your natural immune defenses. 

Together we can arm ourselves with the knowledge to make better decisions about our health! 



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