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EZC Pak is on a mission to combat antibiotic overuse in viral upper respiratory infections (URIs), like colds and flu. In our Health Care Provider Spotlight series, we've partnered with esteemed health and wellness experts & influencers - including nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dietitians and more - as they share their thoughts, experience, tips and more on managing viral URI and how to support your natural immune defenses. 

Together we can arm ourselves with the knowledge to make better decisions about our health! 

Today's Spotlight - Dr. Sarah Jamison 

About Dr. Sarah, @dr.sarah_jam (IG)

Dr. Sarah is a Board-Certified Emergency Room Doctor who is all about empowering her community with accurate information about health and wellness! As a physician, people look to her for professional advice for treating sickness and staying healthy. She frequently shares "Medical Myth Busting" videos, "Best Remedies" for various symptoms and more. 

Video Transcript

Here are three things that I do as a physician whenever I get sick. Number one, gargle with the salt water solution to help soothe the sore throat. Number two, eat fruits with high water content to help keep from getting dehydrated. And number three, I use EZC Pak, A five day taper of immune boosting supplements.

EZC Pak is a high dose, high quality blend of echinacea zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D. Viral infections don't respond to antibiotics. So EZC Pak was created by a physician to help boost immune function at the early signs of a viral infection.

Wanna know more about EZC Pak? Check out the caption for more, and let's chat about it in the comments.

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